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Navigating the site

All of our pages generally have the same “look and feel.” The top of the page contains our logo and general site links, including a link to the home page, the site map and a preferences page where you can change the color contrast and text size. The main site navigation is split into twelve topics: Home, About Us, Patients & Families, Contact Us, Donate, Grantees, Programs & Services, Volunteer Program, News & Events, Directions, and Helpful Links. Use the main menu on the top to navigate to specific pages, or use the ‘skip navigation’ link before this menu to jump directly to the start of the main content of the current page.

Each page consists of either a single column, or is split into two columns:

  1. The left-hand menu which will change as you browse through our various subsections, and contains typical sidebar content such as submenus and additional information.
  2. The right column or main column is where you’ll find the text of the page.

Heading structure

We have structured the site in a way that will allow you to take advantage of your screenreader’s heading jump facilities. The information on the page is organized under headings so you can easily skip through the page.

Zooming in and font sizes

This site makes use of stylesheets that allow for flexible resizing of fonts to meet user requirements. The preferences section allows you to choose how you want your text to appear. Alternatively, if you find that font sizes are too small, simply increase the default font size used in your web browser software (for example, in Internet Explorer font sizes can be changed in the View Menu under ‘Text Size’). In Firefox use the control - and control + shortcuts to adjust text size.

PDF Format

Some of the information on this website is available in PDF format to provide for easier reading and printing offline. All PDF documents have been prepared with accessibility in mind.
Download Acrobat Reader

Connect with us

We welcome comments and questions about the accessibility of our website. Please email