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Child Life Specialist

What Is a Child Life Specialist?

A Child Life Specialist is a trained individual who focuses on the emotional and developmental needs of children and families. Through the use of play and other forms of communication, a Child Life Specialist seeks to reduce the stress associated with health care experiences and enables children and families to cope in a positive manner.

Child Life at The HSC Pediatric Center

  • Serves as an integral member of the health care team
  • Provides activities to encourage coping and an understanding of the medical setting through medical play
  • Supports parents by providing knowledge on how to support their child and other family members while in the hospital
  • Offers sibling education on patient conditions and the hospital setting
  • Provides patients with support and distraction during painful procedures, therapy sessions or dressing changes
  • Helps support medical staff with patient education
  • Assists in the transition of school aged patients from other hospitals
  • Gives comfort care to patients who are experiencing a difficult time and need extra support
  • Educates patients on their conditions and tries to alleviate any misconceptions of hospitalization or illness

To learn more, please call a Child Life Specialist at (202) 407-8958.

Professional Credentials

The Child Life Specialists employed by The HSC Pediatric Center have earned Bachelor of Science degrees in Child Life from accredited colleges or universities. Each individual has met all of the requirements and passed the Child Life Council Certification examination, or are eligible for certification and are waiting to sit the examination.

Professional Affiliations

Child Life Council