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Education Department

What is Education support at the HSC Pediatric Center?

The HSC Pediatric Center’s Education Department strives to provide optimal educational experiences based on the medical and academic needs of the HSC in-patient population. In addition education support services are available post-discharge to ensure an appropriate transition back to school. To speak with the Education Specialist Assistant please call (202) 635-6557 and (202) 635-4491 to speak with the Senior Education Specialist.

Services we provide:

  • Academic instruction
  • Special education eligibility and IEP meeting support
  • Partnership with the following school districts for home and hospital teaching services and transition back to school:
    District of Columbia Public Schools
    Prince Georges County Public Schools
    Montgomery County Public Schools

The Parent’s Place:

The Individuals with Disabilities Act of 1997 (IDEA) lists 13 disability categories: Autism, Deafness, Deaf-blindness, Hearing impairment, Mental retardation, Multiple disabilities, Orthopedic impairment, Other health impairment, Serious emotional disturbance, Specific learning disability, Speech or language impairment, Traumatic brain injury and Visual impairment, including blindness.

To be eligible for special education, a child must have a disability and must need special education services and/or related services. If a child has a disability but does not need special education services, the child is not eligible for special education under IDEA but may be eligible for assistance under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.

Decisions about special education eligibility must be made by a school-based team that includes the child's parent(s). Eligibility decisions are based on evaluations of the child. Parents are entitled to copies of all evaluation reports and documentation about how eligibility decisions are made.

For more information about special education visit:

The Council for Exceptional Children or
The U.S. Department of Education

The Children’s Place:

For fun and learning online please visit:,,, and

Professional Affiliations

Council for Exceptional Children -CEC
Association for Curriculum Development- ASCD
Reaching At promise Students Association-RAPSA
National Education Association- NEA

For more information, please call the Education Specialists: 202-635-4491, or 202-635-6557