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Orthotics, Prosthetics, and Equipment Department (OPED)

What is the Orthotics, Prosthetics, and Equipment Department (OPED) at The HSC Pediatric Center?

The mission of The HSC Pediatric Center’s Orthotics, Prosthetics, and Equipment Department Team is to maximize the functional independence of children with disabilities through the proper evaluation and provision of Durable Medical Equipment and Orthotics. During the initial appointment, a team of skilled professionals will evaluate your child’s durable medical equipment and/or orthotic needs. Input from the child’s home or school therapists is welcome. All prescriptions and paperwork are completed and submitted to the vendor. Once received, the equipment or orthoses are then delivered at HSC during a follow up appointment to ensure quality of service and family/patient education.

Who works in the OPED?

The OPED Team consists of the following: the patient, their family, and any other individuals the family wishes to be present (case manager, home or school based therapists), physiatrist (pediatric rehabilitation physician), physical therapists, occupational therapists, rehab engineering coordinator, orthotist/prosthetist, equipment vendors, and interpreters (as necessary). Many of our team members are RESNA certified as Assistive Technology Professionals.

What services does OPED provide?

  • Seating and Positioning Assessment– Evaluation of the patient’s seating and positioning in their current seating system if appropriate, including adjustments for greater comfort and alignment. A full mat evaluation is also performed.
  • Wheelchair Evaluation/Fitting– Assess the need for a manual vs. power wheelchair, determine accessibility of home and ability to transport wheelchair. Measure patient for wheelchair and determine specifications and allow the patient to trial various wheelchairs.
  • Additional Durable Medical Equipment (DME)- Assess and measure for other medical equipment including but not limited to: adapted strollers, alternative seating systems for home and school, standers, gait trainers, canes, crutches, walkers, adapted tricycles, hospital bed, bath and shower chairs, and patient lifts.
  • Orthotics/Prosthetics- Evaluate, cast, and fit for orthotics, prosthetics, and/or bracing to improve balance, gait, alignment, and to prevent deformities. These include lower extremity, upper extremity, and trunk orthoses and extremity prosthesis.
  • Client and Family Training – Train patient and family to safely use, maintain, set up and breakdown each piece of equipment. Educate on donning and doffing orthotics/prosthetics, wearing schedule, skin inspection, footwear, and use of orthosis/prosthesis.
  • Follow-up Services –The patient has the opportunity to return to clinic for fitting of the orthotics or durable medical equipment, which is preferred, but if the family chooses fitting can be performed at home or school.

How Do I Get an Appointment?

To schedule an appointment for the Orthotics, Prosthetics, and Equipment Department, simply call The HSC Pediatric Center OPED Scheduler at (202) 635-6167. You should have your insurance information available as the Scheduler will do a short intake interview. If you have preference for a particular vendor or orthotist, please mention that during the intake process. You may be asked to fax in a prescription from your child’s physician for an “Equipment Evaluation” or “Orthotics Evaluation”. The scheduling department will assist in obtaining insurance authorization for the appointment. Once the order and the authorization are received, you will be provided with an appointment. We offer multiple vendors and orthotists and will schedule your child on a day when your preferred provider is present.

Professional Affiliation

Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology of North America (RESNA)