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Physical Therapy

What is Physical Therapy?

Our physical therapy team works to help kids and young adults be as independent as possible. We work to assist in the development of balance, walking, wheelchair mobility, and gross motor skills needed to participate in everyday activities. Physical therapists have specialized training in analyzing movement patterns and helping patients learn or relearn motor skills. Physical therapists work closely with each child and their family to ensure success.

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What do we do at The HSC Pediatric Center?

Aquatic Therapy

PTs may provide treatment in HSC’s heated therapy pool, newly opened in 2012. The properties of the water enable therapists to enhance your child’s therapy by providing small challenges to improve strength and endurance. Some children who have difficulty performing certain movements or activities on land may learn skills first in the water before performing during day to day activities.

Casting and Splinting

PTs use specialized materials to create casts or splints to help children to improve posture or range of motion for walking, standing, and to promote optimal alignment. PT’s work closely with your child’s physician in conjunction with the Orthotics, Prosthetics, and Equipment Department (OPED) team.

Outpatient Rehab

For children who received inpatient rehab at HSC, services continue in our outpatient setting. HSC’s inpatient and outpatient therapy teams work closely to ensure a seamless transition from inpatient to outpatient rehab services. Children may also be referred from their physician to receive outpatient PT when needed to improve their functional skills.

Is my child at risk?

Children develop motor skills at different ages. There are many different reasons for a child to be delayed in their motor skills or development. Consult your child’s physician if you have concerns about your child’s movements or balance.

Referral Requirements for Outpatient Services

A physician’s referral and authorization from the insurance provider is required prior to beginning physical therapy. A physical therapist will provide an evaluation at your first visit and work closely with you to develop a plan to reach your child’s full potential.

If you feel that your child may benefit from physical therapy services, you may contact our scheduling department for more information at (202) 461-3701.

Professional Credentials:

All of the Physical Therapists employed at The HSC Pediatric Center have earned their degrees from an accredited college or university in the area of physical therapy at the baccalaureate or advanced professional degree levels. All of the physical therapists are registered with the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy and are licensed by the District of Columbia Department of Health.

Professional Affiliations:

American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)

For more information, please call Physical Therapy at 202-832-4400, ext 1316