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Brionna's Story

Brionna first started feeling pain in her left leg at school and noticed difficulty when walking. Her family knew something was not right, so they brought her to an acute care hospital where they found Brionna had very poor circulation in her left leg and endocarditis (an infection of the inner lining of the heart). Brionna underwent a below the knee amputation and then required wound care for her left leg and six weeks of IV antibiotics.

After a month at the acute care hospital, Brionna was transferred to The HSC Pediatric Center to begin the process of rehabilitation and continue wound care management. Brionna received intensive inpatient therapy six times a week and daily wound care. Her therapy often consisted of ambulation training, rigorous exercises and high endurance activities. Despite her new challenge, Brionna worked hard to regain her independence.

In conjunction with rehab therapies, the nursing and medical staff worked with Brionna on managing her wound, allowing times of rest for healing, and teaching Brionna and her family how to care for her wound. The HSC Pediatric Center has certified rehabilitation nurses and a certified wound, ostomy and continence nurse to blend the medical and therapeutic aspects of care in cases such as Brionna’s.

The next steps for Brionna, or any child who has had an amputation, are transitioning to outpatient therapy and exploring the possibility of a prosthetic. At The HSC Pediatric Center, the Orthotic, Prosthetic and Equipment Department (OPED) has specially trained staff to maximize the independence of children with disabilities, and is a leader in providing a variety of specialized equipment that a family may need to care for their child at home.

Brionna now enjoys being at home and continues to work hard with her therapy – gaining more independence every day.