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Clinical Disciplines


The Rehabilitation area is comprised of the following therapy disciplines: physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, recreation therapy, child life and education. Each child’s program is customized to fit the child's goals and specific needs through creative, individualized sessions. Our goal is to optimize function and independence.


The Nursing Department provides ongoing sub-acute clinical care for patients 24 hours a day with Registered Nurses and Pediatric Care Aides. Nursing is the constant in the child’s life at HSC. The nursing staff strives to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for the child and their family while providing quality medical and Rehabilitative care. Patient and Family education - is a major priority throughout the child’s stay. Through education, we aim to help families feel as comfortable as possible in taking care of their child.


The Respiratory Care Department is comprised of licensed professionals, educated to assess and deliver care that promotes the optimum function and health of the cardiopulmonary system. The department administers and provides medical gas, pharmaceuticals, diagnostic testing and ventilator management to maximize individualized patient care plans.

Collaborative Care

The Collaborative Care unit is a group of professionals who support the patient and family while they are receiving medical and /or rehab care at HSC. They also work with the medical and rehab teams to coordinate the admission and discharge of patients and to support communication.


Our Registered Dietitians are food and nutrition experts who will develop an individualized nutrition care plan for your child. We will care for your growing child and help you set and reach nutritional goals. The department believes in supporting healthy eating and good nutrition habits that meet the medical and cultural needs of your family. If your child will be discharged home on tube feedings or require a modified diet, our Dietitians will provide education and instructions for your family.