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Collaborative Care

Admissions Coordinator

What does the Admissions Coordinator do at HSC?

The Admissions Coordinator talks with the referring hospital to arrange a smoothly planned admission. They coordinate the communication between the referring hospital's medical staff and HSC medical staff so we know the patient’s care before they arrive. The Admissions Coordinator completes the admission consent with the family and gives the family the information they need to comfortably transition the patient’s care to HSC. They know this is a step toward home for the family.

Clinical Nurse Liaison

What does the Clinical Nurse Liaison do at HSC?

The Clinical Nurse Liaison reviews the medical information from the referring hospital and talks with the HSC admission team and the HSC Medical Director to make sure it is the right time to transition the patient to HSC. She does a preassessment report to let the inpatient team know about the patient’s care before they come to HSC.

Case Managers

What do Case Managers do at HSC?

The Case Manager provides care coordination and discharge planning for patients through communication with the family, insurance payers, home health agencies and the interdisciplinary team. They coordinate weekly rounds with team members. The Case Manager also arranges transportation or insurance authorizations for medical appointments for inpatients at HSC.

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Social Workers

What do Social Workers do at HSC?

The Social Worker supports the patient’s and family’s psychosocial needs. They provide assistance through community resource referrals such as Women Infants and Children (WIC), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and Referrals to Infant and Toddlers Programs. They coordinate the family meetings for staff and families to schedule apartment stays after families successfully complete the bedside training to ensure a successful discharge.

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Utilization Review Nurses

What do UR Nurses do at HSC?

The Utilization Review Nurses review the patient's chart and talk with the insurance payers to make sure we are working toward the goals for the patient's stay at HSC. They talk with the team to give them feedback about the course of the patient's stay. They make sure that the patient's stay is paid properly by the payer.


The HSC Pediatric Center has Spanish and French Interpreters on staff. Other language Interpreters are available upon request. Interpreters assist with family and patient training, family meetings and medical discussions. They offer support to families and cultural awareness for staff. For more information on Interpretation services, please call 202-635-6543.


Chaplain services are available at HSC for comfort, prayer, religious rites/rituals or conversation. Referrals are also available. Patients and families may leave their contact number with the chaplain at (202) 635-5395 or just leave a request on the confidential voice mail. For emergencies, inpatients may contact the House Supervisor Nurse on the unit and they will page the Chaplain.

The Chaplain leads a Grief Support group for parents and caregivers called Hope for the Journey which meets on the 1st Tuesday of each month from 7-8:30 pm at HSC. Call for information at (202) 635-5395 or 202-476-5000 x5050.

The Patient and Family Advocate

The Patient and Family Advocate is available to support families and to address any concerns they may experience during their stay. The Advocate will work with the families to ensure they get the most positive experience during their stay at HSC. The Family Advocate can be contacted at extension 6155.