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Code of Conduct

The HSC Health Care System regards integrity as the fundamental guiding principle for its employees and others who act on its behalf. The Code of Conduct reaffirms this commitment and is a critical component of our overall corporate compliance program, providing guidance to carry out our daily activities within appropriate ethical and legal standards.

The guidelines contained in the Code are designed to assist employees in making the right choices when confronted with difficult situations. This Code imposes requirements that are often more exacting than those mandated by law, reflecting our goal of conducting ourselves with the highest level of integrity and reporting ethical and legal concerns if they arise. Ultimately, the responsibility for ethical behavior rests with each of us in the exercise of our independent judgment.

The HSC Health Care System also expects its outside colleagues (i.e., vendors, consultants and others whose actions could be attributed to The HSC Health Care System) to adhere to the same standards in their dealings with us and with others on our behalf.

To download a complete copy of our Corporate Code of Conduct, click here - opens PDF.