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Commitment to Quality

At the HSC Pediatric Center, our staff shares an ongoing commitment to improving the quality of care and treatmentprovided to our children. Improvement activities occur across our various committees departments, disciplines, multidisciplinary teams and patient care areas.

Our improvement activities are designed to integrate the message of HSC's mission and vision into a sustained culture of patient safety. We understand that success in clinical outcomes is best achieved when safe and appropriate care is delivered in a timely, effective, continuous, safe, and efficient manner. Above all, we strive to always provide quality care and treatment with courtesy, respect and caring for our patients and their families.

Handwashing Compliance

Chart of Hand Hygiene Compliance

Chart Legend

  • 98.5% Compliance in 2011
  • 97% Compliance in 2010

Perhaps the strongest evidence of our staff's ongoing Commitment to Quality in patient care delivery may be our superior compliance with routine Handwashing by our staff across eight key clinical disciplines over time.

This nationally recognized measure of success in Infection Prevention has allowed HSC to sustain markedly low Hospital Acquired Infection and Central Line Infection rates over time.

Other areas of care and treatment at HSC that demonstrate our focus on Quality in service delivery include our markedly low rates of Pressure Ulcer Development and Use of Restrictive Devices. Minimizing these events when providing patient care has been recognized by national health care and accreditation organizations as strong indicators of the delivery of Quality patient care.