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The HSC Pediatric Center philosophy embraces a family-centered care approach. Your child and family are our top priority. We respect that your child is a member of your family. We will do everything we can to maintain and improve the special bond between you and your child. We want you to know that you are NOT considered a visitor, you are respected as a parent. You are the most important person to your child. We would like to include you as a member of the health care team. Every child has a plan of care. You will be invited to participate in the development of your child's care plan. We want to know and need to know those things that are special about your child.

You are encouraged to be involved with your child's care as much as you would like to be. We encourage you to accompany your child to his/her therapy sessions. Before your child is discharged, the staff will review the specific training that you will need to care for your child at home. Education regarding your child's care will be ongoing throughout your child's stay and may also require several additional sessions. Children who are ready to do so will also participate in therapeutic field trips to "try-out" their daily living skills in the community. In order to help families cope with the challenges of a disability or illness, we also offer pastoral care, a family resource library, family teaching apartments, a patient advocate and family support groups. Accommodations are available for parents who wish to stay overnight at the Hospital.


Visiting family members.Siblings are WELCOME to visit. In fact we encourage it! It is very important for your children to see one another. Siblings may visit during general visiting hours, 10AM to 8PM daily.Your child/children who are at home may have many concerns and questions about their hospitalized sibling. If you do not know what to say to your child/children about their hospitalized sibling, please talk to your child's doctor about this. We have health care providers who have been trained to present information to your child/children in the least stressful, most positive way.


Parents (and guardians) may visit at any time. General visiting hours are 10AM to 8PM daily (for siblings and other visitors.)

Research has shown that a routine helps a child while he/she is in the hospital. A routine provides a child with a sense of security. This is especially important in the hospital setting. A schedule (particular to your child's needs) will be developed . Therapy sessions will be scheduled throughout the day. Some scheduled times that we have found to be helpful:

Wake up, bath routine, dressing, and breakfast
  Lunch time and 'quiet time' for naps and resting
  Dinner, bath routine (if not done in morning), and getting ready for bed (depending on child's age)
  Quiet time - bed time

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