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WeeFIM® Outcomes

The WeeFIM® is a nationally recognized standardized scoring tool used to highlight and measure a child’s progress and then compare it to the progress of children with similar diagnoses at other pediatric rehabilitation facilities and hospitals. You will notice that The HSC Pediatric Center compares favorably in several key areas of patient care and treatment outcomes.

2013 WeeFIM Length of Stay Chart

The length of stay is the number of days a child stays in the hospital. Being discharged to the community includes returning home, or to a group home or transitional center. Our goal is to see as many children as possible return back to their communities.

2013 WeeFIM About Our Children Chart

2013 WeeFIM 95% Family Satisfaction Participation Chart

2013 WeeFIM 94% Family Satisfaction Participation Chart

The rate of improvement shows how much a child has improved from admission to discharge using the functional tool, WeeFIM®. We strive to see the most improvement possible before discharge.