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Kamagra: All the facts that you need to decide for yourself

Kamagra oral jelly 100mg boost your immune system and is a product which will be reduce the impotency and will treat the people who lack sexual energy. So far there has not been any test on this medication and have not FDA approved also. This medication also doesn't come without the side effects. The medication has many side effects like blurred vision, headaches, upset stomach and rashes etc. The medication seems to be effective. Not only man but also the woman can take Kamagra Oral jelly and it increases the immune system of woman as well.


The tablet has been banned in US as of 2009 and drug doesn't have any legal approval in USA. Still the drug is available with the help of unofficial sources. but there are no legal means to get the medication in USA. The Kamagra is supposed to contain the same contains like Viagrara and main ingredient is sildenafil citrate which the same as Viagra.  This medication is a good solution for people who can't get a prescription of Viagra and it equally effective as Viagra in Switzerland. There is no way to confirm that the medication is same to use but so far there is nothing to suggest the medication is unsafe to use.


If woman takes Kamagra they might suffer some of the side effects also like man. The most common side effects in woman are related with nausea, vision and flusing. the side effects are more or less common between man and woman. The drug is legal in UK and Europe and outside of that the drug is not legal and it is not safe to take it outside without proper approval. Kamagra has lot of information on the internet available about it which can be used to get more information but this is similar to Viagra or Cialis.

This medicaiton is available in various flavors and Jelly form which is nice to have for medication for erectile dysfunction. It comes up with various taste and flavors and as the name suggest can be taken by the mouth or orally. Mostly it depends on person to person but there is no way we can say this or Viagra or Cialis is best medication. It all depends on what works with particular person and always good to many options. It comes with seven different flavors and most of the are related with fruits. The flavors for Kamagra Oral Jelly are banana, strawberry, orange, pineapple , black currant  etc.

The jelly can be buy online and many websites if you search on google you would find sell the Jelly.  People have different opinion about the Kamagra Oral jelly and some people consider this safe medication while other suggest this should not be taken until this has been prescribed by the doctor. The opinions are very diversified an vary from people to people. Overall one must do their own research to be comfortable if the want to try the Kamagra Oral Jelly and their confidence is the most important. People must be wary of the side effects that the medication might cause and age is also a factor. If you have serious medical condition then the use of this medication might not be for you as it might be lethal.