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About Us

A child's experience at The HSC Pediatric Center (HSC) is very different from the usual hospital experience. Each child is involved in everyday activities of playing, learning, and growing while receiving expert medical care that only a pediatric hospital can provide.

Our rehabilitation therapists incorporate activities into each child's routine regardless of the challenges of their medical condition. HSC cares for children as individuals and develops individually designed therapy programs. These programs focus on maximizing each child's physical, cognitive and social abilities. For some children, this may mean learning to adapt to lifelong issues relating to the illness or disability. For others, this means learning how to do the simplest tasks, such as drinking from a cup, putting on clothes or taking steps for the first time after an injury.

From a child's very first day at The HSC Pediatric Center, our staff begins to plan and prepare for a child's return home. We offer many programs and services to make the transition successful, including therapeutic field trips and specialized family apartments so that families can learn how to care for their child in a comfortable, supportive environment.

At The HSC Pediatric Center we work together and continuously strive to provide the best care possible for the special children we serve.

The HSC Pediatric Center is a subsidiary of The HSC Foundation, along with Health Services for Children with Special Needs, Inc. and HSC Home Care, LLC.

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