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Simone's Story

Simone is a beautiful young girl who was born full term at a community hospital and transferred to an acute care hospital shortly after birth due to medical complications and difficulty breathing. In the first five months of her life, Simone and her parents were exposed to three different hospitals and numerous health care providers. Although no longer critically ill, Simone was not quite ready to go home, and was eventually transferred to The HSC Pediatric Center.

At The HSC Pediatric Center, Simone received ongoing sub-acute medical care while her parents were trained by nursing staff and respiratory therapists to take care of her gastrostomy tube and tracheostomy. The goal of patient and family training and education is to ensure that the family is comfortable in providing the child’s care after leaving the hospital, and confirm that the family has proper and adequate resources and can recognize when and how to get help if any conditions change.

After stabilizing and growing a bit, Simone returned to an acute care hospital for surgery. After surgery, Simone returned to HSC, where she received ongoing medical care and her parents finished their discharge training. Once the family had completed their training and was comfortable with her care, they stayed in one of the family training apartments. The HSC Pediatric Center has two training apartments that allow families to independently provide care for their child while having clinical and medical staff around the corner in case questions or concerns arise.

As the discharge date drew near, therapy staff gave final instructions to the family, which included such things as positioning, feeding techniques and car seat safety. Simone’s case manager ordered the equipment, services and supplies she would need at home and arranged for them to be delivered prior to her arrival. Once the entire clinical team agreed Simone and her parents were ready, she was successfully discharged home.