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A child learning how to use a piece of assistive teWhat is Assistive Technology?

The mission of The HSC Pediatric Center's AT team is to maximize the functional independence of children with disabilities through the use of technology. Assistive Technology enables children with disabilities to communicate, learn, play, interact, access, and control their environment.

Who is on the Assistive Technology Team?

The Assistive Technology Team works with children and their families to identify technologies that best suit their way of living, including home, school and community needs. Depending on these needs, the team may consist of two or more of the following professionals: Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, Speech-Language Pathologist, Education Specialist, and Recreational Therapist. Many of our team members are certified as Assistive Technology Practitioners.

What services does the AT Team provide?

  • Seating and Positioning – We evaluate your child and improve seating and positioning for greater comfort and functional access.
  • Power Mobility – We match your child with the most functional power mobility for his/her needs.
  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication – We match your child’s skills with the best communication device to maximize her/her functional communication.
  • Switch Access Assessment – We determine the optimal site(s) and type of switch that will permit your child’s access to a range of devices.
  • Electronic Aids to Daily Living – We assess and determine the best-suited EADL to enable your child to have more independent access in his/her environment.
  • Computer Access – We determine appropriate devices and software for access to communication, learning and fun.
  • Recreation – We find alternative ways for children to play using low-tech and high-tech means.
  • Client and Family Training – We train your child and family to use, program and maintain devices.
  • School Consults – We provide a comprehensive assessment of your child’s technology needs and make recommendations for the appropriate devices, software and strategies to increase access to curriculum and school inclusion.
  • Follow-up Services – We provide follow-up support services and guidance in obtaining recommended technology.

How are our children served?

The AT team in several ways can serve children. They may be seen during their inpatient stay or return for a full team assessment through our outpatient assessment center. Under a special contract with DCPS, we also see a set of children in their school environment.


For more information, call Assistive Technology at (202) 635-4489

To schedule an appointment for Assistive Technology call (202) 635-6167


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