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A Tour of The HSC Pediatric Center

Welcome to the tour of the HSC Pediatric Center. We are located in a quiet, residential neighborhood on the northeast edge of the District of Columbia.

This is the HSC Pediatric Center showing the original building constructed in 1929 on the right and the new Weinberg Rehabilitation Center behind on the left. The 1929 building contains the main lobby, chapel, outpatient reception and administrative offices. The Weinberg Rehabilitation Center contains, among other things, 3 inpatient units and many therapy and treatment areas.

This is our warm and inviting main lobby with comfortable seating and a relaxing atmosphere. Families check in at the reception desk upon arrival and are either issued access cards to their child’s nursing unit or directed to the Outpatient area

The newly renovated multi-denominational chapel is tucked away off the main lobby. It provides a quiet retreat for reflection and prayer.

This welcoming sign is at the entrance to one of our patient units, Home at HSC. This unit was opened in 2009 and provides a home-like environment for patients who cannot currently be discharged to the community due to their chronic ongoing medical needs and a dependency on technology

The nursing station on the Home at HSC patient unit is the functional hub for unit operations.

The bright colors and warm finishes create a welcoming experience upon entering the unit.

The patient rooms can be personalized to the patient or families’ choosing while still maintaining a safe space to provide medical care and patient monitoring.

The Butterfly Garden, nestled within the walls of the hospital, provides a peaceful retreat for quiet reflection or an area where families can take their children to experience the outside on nice days.

The gazebo located in the Butterfly Garden displays beautiful flowers in the spring and summer and houses an illuminated Remembrance Tree in December with butterfly ornaments decorated by both staff and families.

Special additions in the Butterfly Garden add beauty and tranquility for patients, families and staff. The Butterfly Team (Palliative Care Team) plants flowers, adds ornamentals, and assists in the maintenance of the garden.

Every fall, the Butterfly Team hosts a Memorial Service with a butterfly release for families and staff to honor those special patients who are no longer in our midst. This mosaic mural located in the Butterfly Garden is fun and colorful and celebrates their lives.

The outside courtyard is a beautiful place to enjoy the outdoors. Hospital cookouts and ice cream socials are held in the courtyard and enjoyed by staff and patients on special occasions.

The Growth Garden is one of several therapeutic opportunities for the patients to participate in. On various days, horticulture therapy, music therapy, pet therapy and art therapy, to name a few, are offered to the inpatients. The garden is maintained by the patients under the direction of the rehab department.

A number of areas throughout the hospital are utilized to provide individual or group therapy sessions for both inpatient and outpatient children. Families are always encouraged to attend therapy sessions with their child to not only see the progress that is being made but to receive training from the therapists so they can continue the exercises and techniques at home to maximize the child’s potential gains.

Many inpatient and outpatients are treated in the shared therapy gym.

In this gym several children can be treated at the same time with their individual therapists. For some children, they are co-treated or receive therapy from more than one discipline depending on the child’s goals.

Trained therapists provide aquatic therapy, in our state of the art pool installed in 2012, for both inpatient and outpatient children. This therapy is very beneficial as part of the child’s overall program.

One of many recreational rooms located throughout the facility. This bright, cheery, spacious room is sometimes used for outside groups to provide entertainment for the patients and their families.

At other times, art therapy, music therapy and pet therapy are held in this area for the inpatients.

HSCPC has two Family Training Apartments that families can stay in with their child once they have completed training. Having staff close by to call if needed allows families to settle in, bond with their child and independently care for them during the stay. It is reassuring for families to have a successful apartment stay with their medically complex child prior to being discharged to home.

This cozy, warm lounge, designed by family members, gives families a quiet place away from the patient care units to watch TV, eat, catch up on emails or just relax for a bit.

The wheelchair-accessible playground with developmental activities is located in a quiet shady space where staff and families can provide some outdoor time for both inpatients and outpatients. It is another outside activity center for patients, siblings, and families to spend time together away from the patient units.